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中式风格的特点,是在室内布置、线形、色调以及家具、陈设的造型等方面,吸取传统装饰“形”、“神”的特征,以传统文化内涵设计元素,革除传统家具的弊端,去掉多余的雕刻,融合现代西式家居的舒适,根据不同户型的居室,采取不同的布置。 中国传统居室非常讲究空间的层次感。这种传统的审美观念在中式风格中,又得到了全新的阐释:依据住宅使用人数的不同,做出分隔的功能性空间,采用“哑口”或简约化的“博古架”来区分;在需要隔绝视线的地方,则使用中式的屏风或窗棂。通过这种新的分隔方式,单元式住宅就能展现出中式家居的层次之美。

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Our Four Showrooms

Royal, Noble, Modern and Pricerite - cover a total area of thousands square meters

located in the central of the middle axis in Lecong town-the biggest furniture wholesale center, capital of China furniture business, From its inception, has been the extension frontier territory in art and innovation, persistent practice "the world furniture master" entrepreneurial ambition, twenty-one years ingenuity, become the first brand of Lecong furniture market.