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Post-modern style


后现代风格是对现代风格中纯理性主义倾向的批判,后现代风格强调建筑及室内装潢应具有历史的延续性,但又不拘泥于传统的逻辑思维方式,探索创新造型手法, 讲究人情味,常在室内设置夸张、变形的柱式和断裂的拱券,或把古典构件的抽象形式以新的手法组合在一起,即采用非传统的混合、叠加、错位、裂变等手法和象征、隐喻等手段。

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Our Four Showrooms

Royal, Noble, Modern and Pricerite - cover a total area of thousands square meters

located in the central of the middle axis in Lecong town-the biggest furniture wholesale center, capital of China furniture business, From its inception, has been the extension frontier territory in art and innovation, persistent practice "the world furniture master" entrepreneurial ambition, twenty-one years ingenuity, become the first brand of Lecong furniture market.